• Great diving just outside Bergen, Norway
  • Wrecks, kelp forests, nature, marine life
  • Experienced, local guides, fast boats
  • Various high quality accomodation options
  • Air/Nitrox, drying room, side scan sonar
  • Dry suit course and rental equipment available
The beautiful and historic city of Bergen is often called "The gateway to the fjords". With direct flights from major European hubs, and a ferry line from Denmark, it is also very accessible. The rugged and beautiful archipelago to the west of the city offers great opportunities for divers. Here the famous norwegian fjords meet the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, creating a varied underwater world with steep drop offs and canyons, amazing kelp forests, sandy coves and exiting reefs teeming with life. Bergen's history as Norway's most important port city has also resulted in a number of interesting ship wrecks in and around its shipping lanes.
Right in the center of this archipelago, on the southwestern tip of the island of Sotra (Map) only a 40 minute drive from Bergen, lies the Panorama Hotel & Resort. Built in 2011, the resort offers a variety of high quality accomodation options, great food and a unique wellness-department. In 2016, the resort teamed up with one of the most experienced Padi dive centers in Scandinavia, Nemo Classic Diving in Bergen, to create a five star Padi dive resort.

The Kelp forest - A magic Place

The Panorama Hotel & Resort sits right on the edge of a proposed under water protection zone that will cover the Korsfjord and the archipelago on the south-western coast of Sotra. One of the main reasons the Norwegian government is protecting this area is the extremely well preserved kelp forests. Groups of small islands form
shallow lagoons with pristine kelp forests and a diverse marine life. A must for UW photographers and marine life enthusiasts.
This area is only a 10 minute boat trip away from the resort.

The wreck of the freight ship "Helene Jensen", resting about 25 nm to the South of Panorama. As it sunk as late as 1980, the ship is largely intact.

Wreck diving

Sitting right in the middle of Bergen's shippinglanes, Panorama Hotel & Resort is an ideal base for wreck diving. The region has a great selection of wrecks including steamships, WW2 wrecks and modern wrecks, all within an one hour RIB trip from the hotel, some less then 10 minutes away.

All wrecks where we offer diving are within the limits of recreational diving. At the moment we are not offering guided technical diving. Trimix and boat rental can be organised for groups wanting to do tec-diving on their own.

The best wreck dives are only avaliable by boat, but there are also a few available from the shore.

We offer boat trips with guide to 3-4 different wreck hotspots in the area, where it is possible to do 2 wrecks in one trip. Between the dives we offer lunch either at an nearby onshore location, or at a larger follow-boat. All our guides are Padi divemasters with local knowlege. 

For more information on wreck diving opportunities in our area, please contact us.

Image: The Marstein Lighthouse, a 10 minute boat trip from the hotel. The waters around the lighthouse is the final restingplace for at least 4 steam ships, and two of them still offers steam engines and other wreckage at diveable depths. The lighthouse is also well worth a look, and lunch at the lighthouse is possible.

The house reef

All divers staying at the resort have access to unlimited diving at the house reef. It is easy to get in and out, one can start either from the beach or the wharf. Highlights of the house reef include rock formations dubbed "The stairs", two small boat wrecks, and a great variety of marine life, particularly at night. You can see monkfish, wolfish, octopus, nudibranch, pollock, cod, lobster, crab and much more.

Image: Can you spot the monkfish?

Nature and canyon dives

The west coast of Sotra offers a great selection of nature dives and interesting geology.

The narrow channels between islands often have big fishes and other marine life.

Underwater canyons are also among the highlights

Image: One of the spectacular canyon dives we offer

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